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The Curious ‘Cat: Beatlemania

On this date in 1964, the Beatles arrived in New York! This week, the Curious ‘Cat asked Villanova students,

“What is your favorite Beatles song?” 

(Noelle Pennacchia, Reid Koren)

Noelle Pennacchia: “Hey Jude.”

Reid Koren: “All You Need Is Love.”

(Jimmy Beyer, Alexandra Marasa, Neelam Ferrari, Hamilton Heckney)

Jimmy Beyer: “Hey Jude.”

Alexandra Marasa: “Hey Jude.”

Neelam Ferrari: “Hey Jude.”

Hamilton Heckney: “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

(Jacqueline Dollard, Emily Spahn)

Jacqueline Dollard: “Let It Be.”

Emily Spahn: “Let It Be.”

(Jordan Landa, Cowan McCormick)

Jordan Landa: “Hey Jude.”

Cowan McCormick: “Help!”



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