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Falveydelphinovian: Dominican Republic Vacation

  • Posted by: admin
  • Posted Date: March 19, 2018
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The Falveydelphinovian blog showcases the students who find themselves situated in Falvey throughout the week.

This is Lizzie Marvin, a freshman nursing student:

“What is your ideal vacation and why?”

“My ideal tropical vacation is to the Dominican Republic. I went two summers ago with my family right after I got scuba dive certified. The beaches were beautiful with soft white sand, the water was just the right temperature, and the sunsets were breathtaking. There is no other feeling quite like floating over a reef thirty feet under water. It is quiet, it is calm, it is beautiful. I peered into the coral cities and discovered families of small colorful fish no bigger than my pinky. I coasted within feet from sea turtles and nerf sharks, and tried to pick a favorite sea creature, but it was simply impossible to choose. If I had a plane ticket in my hand right now I would want it to take me back there.”

Falveydelphinovian written and photographed by Liana Perez, team member of the Communication and Marketing team at Falvey Memorial Library. 



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