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Diversity and Inclusion Resource Guide Successfully Launched!

On Wednesday, March 14, Falvey Memorial Library successfully launched its Diversity and Inclusion Resource Guide. As the emcee of the Launch Party and Reception, I wanted to write a feature post here reflecting on the experience.

The day finally came after about a year of development on the page – between ideas, backend development and plans to promote the page. Throughout my afternoon preparing for the event, everybody felt very high energy here on the staff. I read and reread my notes for introducing each person but still feel I didn’t do justice to my amazing co-presenters.

The event poster, designed by Joanne Quinn.

We heard first from University Librarian and Director of Falvey Memorial Library Millicent Gaskell. She reiterated the library’s dedication to including all the various communities on campus. She also thanked English and Theatre Librarian Sarah Wingo as well as me and the entire Communication and Marketing Department, which was a huge honor.

She passed the mic off to Wingo and me to give the page a formal launch. I told the whole story of the page, from bookmark to launch party. It’s an experience I’ve loved reflecting on, and I’m sure will stick with me for years to come. Wingo talked about the significance of these resources to her and gave the audience a thorough click-through of the page.

I then had the honor of introducing Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer Terry Nance. Nance injected the party with a ton of pathos as she discussed the profound effect libraries had on her life while growing up as young, black woman in a predominantly black neighborhood during the mid-20th century. The sincerity of her voice and the clarity of her purpose are elements of her talk that have stuck with me in the days since, and I’m sure remains fresh on the minds of those who attended.

Terry Nance speaks at the launch party.

After Dr. Nance, various student groups took to the podium to talk about how their groups promote diversity and inclusion on campus. Their quick speeches, one after the other, created a light, welcoming atmosphere that I hope inspired our attendees to seek out more information on these groups.

All in all, the construction of the Diversity and Inclusion Resource Guide has served as a transformative personal experience for me. I hope in its dynamism and community-building mission, the guide serves as a transformative space for the university community as well.

Website photo 2

Article by William Repetto, a graduate assistant in the Communication and Marketing Dept. at the Falvey Memorial Library. He is currently pursuing an MA in English at Villanova University.

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