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The Curious ‘Cat: “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  • Posted by: Kallie Stahl
  • Posted Date: November 22, 2017
  • Filed Under: Library News

Happy Thanksgiving, Wildcats! This week, the Curious ‘Cat asked Villanovans, “What are your plans for the holiday?”

Chris Hallberg, Library Technology Developer: “I’m not sure yet. Being recently married, we’re still trying to sort out the family time sharing. I’ll also attend a few well-established friendsgivings.”

Sarah Wingo, Liaison Librarian English, Theatre, & Romance Languages: “I’ll be attending a Friendsgiving bringing garlic mashed potatoes, cornbread, and cheesecake.”

Mike Sgier, Access Services Specialist: “Usually, I’d hitch my wagon on someone else’s Thanksgiving. But this year my family is traveling from Denver to Philadelphia, so we’re going out to a restaurant called The Little Lion. It’s going to be a very non-traditional Thanksgiving.”

Marianne Watson, Acquisitions/Licensing Librarian: “I’m going to my sister-in-law’s house. She’s a vegan and all the food is going to be good (but someone else is bringing a turkey).”

Rob LeBlanc, First Year Experience/Humanities Librarian: “I’ll be at my sister-in-law’s house eating turkey. I’ll be bringing the appetizers and the vegetables.”

Caroline Sipio, Temporary Access Services Specialist: “I’ll be cooking in my pajamas, making an apple crisp pie for my family.”

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