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Falveydelphinovian: fall festivity planning

  • Posted by: Hunter Houtzer
  • Posted Date: October 2, 2017
  • Filed Under: Library News

The Falveydelphinovian blog showcases the students who find themselves situated in Falvey throughout the week. We, the Communication and Marketing team, ask about projects & classes & books & sometimes (like now, for instance) the excitement that comes with extracurricular planning.

This is Peter Anastasiou, senior engineering student (and current 2017 Fall Fest LPH Chair),

“As LPH Chair for this years 2017 Fall Festival, what are you looking forward to for this years class of Local Program Hosts?”

“This year I am looking forward to this class finally getting to experience a fall festival event. I can truly say that Fall Fest will be unlike anything they have ever experienced and I am stoked to see the pure joy on not only the athletes’ faces but also the LPH’s faces as well. This is a weekend where students and athletes are apologetically¬†themselves and it is so refreshing to see people be true to who they are. Lastly, the interactions and relationships formed with the athletes are so dynamic and priceless that I cant wait to see the Class of 2021 in motion with this! It’s an electric weekend and I can’t wait to see all the positive impacts that these freshman will have on the athletes’ lives!”

Falveydelphinovian written and photographed by Jaivian Gaetan, team member of the Communication and Marketing team at Falvey Memorial Library. 



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