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S(hoop)s Mania*

  • Posted by: Hunter Houtzer
  • Posted Date: September 29, 2017
  • Filed Under: Library News

My coworkers are polite people – supportive, funny, kind enough to always keep the snack cabinet full of brand-name pretzels. They are easy to get along with and forgiving when I hit the wrong button on the printer.

This is why it is so sad to disappoint them.

When Kallie’s face – wide-eyed and marked with weekend-fueled optimism — crumples because I have neglected the daily “soup-sitch,” I know I have done a disservice to my team (and probably, by extension, Falvey Memorial Library).

It is the duty of the first person who walks upstairs to check to see what soup is being served in the First Floor Lounge (a.k.a. the “soup situation” or “soup-sitch”), and thusly for that person to present their unbiased opinion to the office.

There is no greater office disappointment than someone who neglects this responsibility.

We all have our favorites, of course. Chris from Technology Development roots for Beef Barley; Kallie from Communication and Marketing is excited for Tomato Basil so long as it, “isn’t too chunky,” as sometimes, “they dump the whole can of peeled tomatoes in there.” William, my graduate assistant counterpart, likes anything that is gluten-free and asks us all to please check for the allergens listed under the soup’s specific title.

Taken on a particularly good soup day (with accompanying Holy Grounds pretzel)

Other preferences are more difficult to capture: Joanne, Communication and Marketing team leader, likes southwest vegetable theoretically, but has a deep-seated hatred for unanticipated corn in her food, making the choice problematic for her. Gina once ordered minestrone in good faith but was disheartened when she found that “it was all beans! It was crazy. I thought I’d gotten a good scoop.”

I, personally, lover of all things simple, am happiest with the Broccoli and Cheddar (note however, this is different wholly from the Cream of Broccoli, which lacks the same classic beauty and balance.)

On “Slack,” the website we used to communicate easily between library departments, there is a dedicated soup channel (called, #soup, believe it or not). There are polls. Once the soup (Minnesota Wild Rice, if I remember correctly) was exceedingly hot and Chris let everyone know to keep that in mind before making their decision that day. People upload pictures. People cheer, people lament.

It’s a whole thing.

A “soups-mania” sort of thing, we think. We anticipate the daily soup the way students anticipate the Hoops-Mania performer (an exaggeration only in the slightest sense, truly, you should see us on a good soup day).

So we made buttons!

If you’d like to join us in the daily soup craze, feel free to take your own. We can’t promise the soups will always be good, be we can promise to anticipate the possibility with you Monday through Friday around lunchtime.




*Yes I worked for a long time on that title and yes I am very proud.

Post written by Hunter Vay Houtzer, a graduate assistant on the Communication and Marketing Dept. at the Falvey Memorial Library. She is working toward an MA in Communication at Villanova University, and on saying the word “water” like a Philadelphia native. 


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  1. Comment by LC — September 29, 2017 @ 12:45 PM

    Manhattan Clam Chowder…and it’s delicious!

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