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The Curious ‘Cat: “Hungry Wildcats.”

Celebrating Villanova’s First-Ever Giving Day (#1842Day), the Curious ‘Cat asked Villanova students, “What could you eat 1,842 of?”

(Kaitlin Chan,  Karen Suzuki)

Kaitlin Chan– “Sushi rolls.”

Karen Suzuki– “Ramen.”

(Jessica Shangle, Allie Cartolano)

Jessica Shangle– “Hope’s Cookies.”

Allie Cartolano– “Chipotle burritos.”

(Claudia Przybylski, Adam Aloi)

Claudia Przybylski– “Bananas.”

Adam Aloi– “Falafel.”

(Vasilios Seitaridis, Alex Goethals, Andrew Synder)

Vasilios Seitaridis– “Kit Kats.”

Alex Goethals– “Pizza.”

Andrew Synder– “Sour Patch Kids.”



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Last Modified: September 20, 2017

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