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  • Posted by: William Repetto
  • Posted Date: September 18, 2017
  • Filed Under: Library News

Important announcement: Falvey Memorial Library Director Millicent Gaskell has pledged to match the amount donated to Falvey as part of the 1842 Day celebration up to $1,842. Director Gaskell has made this commitment because “a gift to the library is a gift to the whole university.” This sentiment matches the view of the entire staff here at the library that our work enhances the experience of both the faculty of Villanova and the attendees of the university. As Director Gaskell puts it, “we support student and faculty, teaching and learning.”

1842 Day, the Villanova University community’s official day of giving, will commence at 12pm on Tuesday, Sept. 19 and run 1,842 minutes until 6:42pm on Wednesday, Sept. 20. You can make your donation to the library via our official 1842 Day webpage.


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Last Modified: September 18, 2017