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Moodboard Monday: Mike Sgier

Trying to find a new book to read, a different podcast to listen to or another show to watch? Look no further than this series of interviews with Falvey Memorial Library staff. Sharing their recent interests and activities, feel free to explore these recommendations and expand your popular culture palate.

Tell me a bit about your role at Falvey Memorial Library.

I’m the Service Desk Coordinator at Falvey Memorial Library. I make sure the Access Services desk functions properly and runs smoothly. I ensure that anyone working the desk helps patrons and is knowledgeable about all the services Falvey offers.

Name a book you haven’t been able to put down.

I just finished re-reading The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams. The novel is part of a fantasy series that was released before “Game of Thrones.” The saga actually inspired George R.R. Martin’s book series A Song of Ice and Fire. I also read the new issue of Love and Rockets; it’s a comic series. I just started reading Octavia Butler’s novel, Dawn, which is pretty good. The book is my first encounter with Butler’s work.

What binge worthy television shows have you been streaming?

I just started watching the new “Twin Peaks” (SHOWTIME). The series is more David Lynch than the original “Twin Peaks” (ABC)…but that’s perfectly OK with me. In a unique way, the show masterfully combines humor with horror. I also watch “Game of Thrones” like everyone else.

Have you been to the theatre recently? Any musicals or plays you would attend again?

I haven’t been to the theatre in a really long time. As far as movies go, I saw the film “Paterson” at The Ritz in Philly back in March or April. It was about a bus driver named Paterson, who lives in the city of Paterson, who is also a poet. I definitely want to see that movie again.

Name a podcast you’ve been following.

I listen to “Travis Bickle On The Riviera;” the podcast is just three guys talking about movies. I also listen to “Judge John Hodgman;” the podcast is like “The People’s Court,” with Hodgman giving rulings on very mundane things. Tom Scharpling’s podcast “The Best Show” is really funny. It’s a call-in show; Scharpling discusses a different topic each week and sometimes Jon Wurster will call in and act as different characters. My favorite character is Philly Boy Roy. The comical bits between Scharpling and Wurster are really great.

Speaking of listening, what musical artist(s) has been blasting out of your speakers?

I listen to “Mogwai;” they’re an alternative rock band, mostly instrumental. “Sloan,” a Canadian pop group, is regularly on my radio. I’m also listening to an artist named “Mitski;” she’s mostly indie alternative. Her songs have some great lyrics.

What is something you enjoy doing in Philadelphia?

I like going out to eat. There’s a lot of good restaurants in the city. I just ate at the Triangle Tavern in South Philly. They prepared a great antipasto vegetable plate.

Tell me about a dish you recently prepared. Would you share the recipe?

I enjoy making a pork, cabbage and rice dish. It tastes good and is really easy to make.

What summertime activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy biking, but not when it’s extremely hot out. Fall is my favorite season.

Name an app you’re crazed about.

Of all the social media apps out there, I get positive vibes from Instagram.

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