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Changes are Coming: Event/Meeting Space Changes and Policy Updates

  • Posted by: Regina Duffy
  • Posted Date: July 18, 2017
  • Filed Under: Library News

Falvey Memorial Library is THE ultimate place for the community of scholars at Villanova to find the resources needed to reach their academic goals. It offers an abundance of helpful tools, including printers, computers, access to countless online databases, help from subject librarians, strong coffee to fuel you and, of course, BOOKS! Over the years, the Library has also proved to be a hot spot for events and meetings due to its centralized location on ‘Nova’s campus.

In fact, each semester, the Library holds a wide array of events and activities, ranging from academic lectures and discussion groups to open houses and stress relief events for students. Rooms may be requested by Villanova University faculty, graduate assistants, staff and official student groups/organizations. These groups are asked to submit room reservation requests in support of their University activities. There has been no shortage of requests as we accommodated a whopping 370 events/meetings over the past year alone!


In order to accommodate some new tenants in Falvey’s Learning Commons, the Library is currently undergoing some construction to create office space. We are thrilled to welcome our new friends to Falvey; however, this unfortunately means in order to make more space, we must covert two spaces which have been previously used for many meetings and events into new offices: rooms 204 and 207. Please note that these rooms will be unavailable from this point forward. The good news is that room 205 (a self-serve space) and the smaller meeting room, 206, will still be available to eligible groups on a first-come, first serve basis to those who fill out our events request form.

bio jewelry workshop, cultural studies program, cultural studies, room 205

Additionally, due to above changes and expected demand for room 205, we will experience a space crunch in Falvey, displacing rooms that were once open study labs for students. Hence, Speakers’ Corner will only be reserved for Falvey sponsored or co-sponsored events moving forward.

Falvey would like to continue to hold events and meetings as we believe that they are a valuable part of cultural, social and intellectual life on Villanova University’s campus. Hosting events provides us with an excellent opportunity to participate in collaborative projects, highlight the activities of various entities on campus and welcome faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members into Falvey. Also critical to our mission is providing adequate study space for students and supporting research and scholarship.

room 205, default set-up, events, meetings

Room 206

Default set-up room 205

Room 205

With these and other changes to our events policy, we hope to maintain a sustainable events program which supports the Library’s mission and also considers the overwhelming need for open study space as well. If you have any questions, please email and we will respond to you shortly!



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