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The Curious ‘Cat: “Nova Muggles!”

Curious 'Cat - imageOn Monday, June 26th, Harry Potter celebrated its 20th anniversary. This week, the Curious ‘Cat asked Villanovans, “What is your favorite Harry Potter novel?”

Chris Hallberg, Library Technology Developer: [Hufflepuff] “The Half-Blood Prince. I think the Snape textbook storyline was the best.”

Laura Bang,¬†Digital & Special Collections Assistant: [Ravenclaw] “The Sorcerer’s Stone, because it’s magical.”

Robin Bowles, Research Support Librarian: [Hufflepuff] “The Goblet of Fire. I read the first three books rather quickly and had to wait to read the fourth one. I remember being really excited for the book release.”

Sarah Wingo,¬†Liaison Librarian English & Theatre: [Ravenclaw] “I don’t have a favorite novel, but I can tell you my least favorite, The¬†Deathly Hallows.”

Regina Duffy, Communication & Marketing Program Manager: [Hufflepuff] “The Sorcerer’s Stone.”

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  1. Comment by Sarah — June 30, 2017 @ 9:08 AM

    Seems fitting that the library is mostly populated with Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.

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