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Moodboard Monday: Rob LeBlanc

Trying to find a new book to read, a different podcast to listen to or another show to watch? Look no further than this series of interviews with Falvey Memorial Library staff. Sharing their recent interests and activities, feel free to explore these recommendations and expand your popular culture palate.


5Tell me a bit about your role at Falvey Memorial Library.

I’m a first year experience librarian at Falvey Memorial library. I am responsible for freshman outreach, attending a number of RA [Resident Assistant] fairs and parents’ resource fairs. I teach instructions sessions in ACS [Augustine and Culture Seminar] and Ethics. I’m also a reference librarian.

Name a book you haven’t been able to put down.

The Handmaid’s Tale” (copies are available at Falvey.) Somehow, it slipped through my radar. I’m a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy, and I’m really enjoying the dystopian storytelling. I’m also listening to “The Black Company” by Glen Cook on audiobook.

What binge worthy television shows have you been streaming?

I watch “Orange Is the New Black” (Netflix) and “House of Cards” (Netflix.) I’m going to recommend the show “Detectorists.” It’s a BBC series on Netflix. It about a club of people with metal detectors; but don’t let that influence you, it’s a great, sweet, funny, and entertaining show. I love it!

Have you been to the theatre recently? Any musicals or plays you would attend again?

A friend and colleague of mine recently starred in “The Massive Tragedy of Madame Bovary.” It was a good show, unfortunately the performances are over. (Side note, visit Curio’s website for upcoming performances.)

Name a podcast you’ve been following.

The Adventure Zone,” it’s a Dungeons & Dragons podcast by the McElroy brothers. The McElroy brothers are great. I also listen to their podcast “My Brother, My Brother, and Me.”

Speaking of listening, what musical artist(s) has been blasting out of your speakers?

Portugal. The Man. I’ve also been listening to a lot of old school classic rock like Foreigner and Journey. Also, the 1970’s gold garbage that my parents like.

What is something you enjoy doing in Philadelphia?

I enjoy going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. My wife and I recently went to a really great restaurant, Garces Trading Company, and had their steak frites.

Tell me about a dish you recently prepared. Would you share the recipe?

My wife is the cook, but we recently made a summer farro salad. It was a Giada De Laurentiis recipe. I like that it doubles as a salad and a starch. It’s a great summer dish.

What summertime activities do you enjoy?

I’m crazy about swimming in the ocean. I have a body board and I will spend hours in the water (to my detriment). I love the water, I frequently visit Brigantine Beach, Cape May, and Sea Isle. I also like to hike at Wissahickon Valley Park and Ridley Creek State Park. There’s a lot of hiking trails in Ridley.

Name an app you’re crazed about.

It not really an app…my favorite home screen link is the National Weather Service link. You’re probably wondering why…well, let me tell you. I’m a weather geek and when you explore other weather apps all they give you is garbage not weather. It’s just all these stories about tornadoes. But the national weather service link gives you the most accurate, year-round forecast. My favorite app is Waze, because it gets me around traffic.

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