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The Curious ‘Cat: “How sweet it is…or is it? [Part II]”

Curious 'Cat - imageIf you’ve been following the Curious ‘Cat’s recent adventures, then you know the ‘Cat really loves yellow Peeps. Yesterday, at 10:00 a.m. in Falvey Memorial Library, the ‘Cat was gifted with another box of Peeps. But not just any ordinary Peeps; the flavor of said Peeps [white in color with flecks of blue and purple sugar] were vaguely titled “Mystery.” Seeking clarification, the Curious ‘Cat asked Villanovans, “What flavor are the mystery Peeps?”

Regina Duffy, Library Events & Program Coordinator- “Maple.”

Susan Ottignon, Research Support Librarian- “Maple syrup with an unidentifiable aftertaste.”

Margaret DuffyDirector Finance/Administration- “Pancakes.” 

Sarah Wingo, Liaison Librarian English & Theatre- “Maple.”

Mike Sgier, Access Services Specialist- “Maple.”

Chris Hallberg, Library Technology Developer- “French toast.”

Alice Bampton, Communications & Marketing Program Manager- “Slightly vanilla.”

Sravanthi Adusumilli, Technology Development Graduate Assistant- “Vanilla.”

Jesse Flavin, Access Services Specialist/Interlibrary Loan- “Walnut.”

Hunter Houtzer, Communication Graduate Assistant- “Mixed berry.”

William Repetto, English Graduate Assistant- “Blueberry.”

Rob LeBlanc, First Year Experience/Humanities Librarian- “Cappuccino.”

Melanie Wood, Academic Integration Technical Specialist- “Birthday cake.”

Robin Bowles, Research Support Librarian- “Birthday cake.”

Dave Uspal, Senior Web Specialist- “Yellow cake.”

Kallie Stahl, Communications & Marketing Specialist- “Chicken n’ waffles.”

Julia Middleton– “M&M’s.”

Joanne Quinn, Director of Communications & Marketing- “Envelope.”

For those of you sitting on the edge of your seat, the mystery flavor [one of three distinct flavorings] was revealed on Good Morning America. The Peeps in question were aptly identified as maple syrup. Mystery solved!


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Last Modified: April 13, 2017