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eBook available: A Dangerous Flirtation

A Dangerous FlirtationOur latest eBook release, courtesy of Distributed Proofreaders and Project Gutenberg, is our first title from the prolific Laura Jean Libbey, a writer best-known for her frequent contributions to story papers such as The Fireside Companion. Like Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller, whose work has been mentioned fairly frequently in this blog, Libbey specialized in melodramatic serial romances full of plot twists and over-the-top situations.

The new release is A Dangerous Flirtation; or, Did Ida May Sin?, in which a poor, young telegraph operator endures all sorts of abuse and tragedy on her way to the inevitable happy ending. The pacing is extremely fast, with one dramatic situation after another occurring with little time for reflection, presumably to keep the cliffhanger-hungry audience buying papers week after week. Logic and consistent character motivations are left by the wayside, but readers looking for sensational material typical of the period — betrayals, deaths, accidental marriages, illegal misuse of sanitariums, frequent swooning, and multiple bouts of brain fever — will get a hefty dose.

As always, the full text of the story may be read online or downloaded through Project Gutenberg.

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