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Peek at the Week: Dec. 5-9

  • Posted by: Hunter Houtzer
  • Posted Date: December 5, 2016
  • Filed Under: Library News

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“The rapid nightfall of mid-December had quite beset the little village as they approached it on soft feet over a first thin fall of powdery snow. Little was visible but squares of a dusky orange-red on either side of the street, where the firelight or lamplight of each cottage overflowed through the casements into the dark world without,” –Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows.

I’m told Villanova is lovely in December, so I’m very excited for this month
(and thus, the snap chats I’ll send home to my friends).

This week at the Library:
Monday, December 5th,
Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships (CURF) Information Table, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Chewing gum’s various properties have been well documented in our library: it can potentially improve gum inflammation, aid concentration, alter pain perception, and even perhaps influence grocery store shopping. I (personally) use gum to stay calm in high stress situations (for instance, on highway 476 or every day from now until finals are over). If any of these applications appeal to you, I recommend picking up (sugar-free!) gum from the next gas station/grocery store/friend who offers it to you. It’s inexpensive, so worst case scenario you’ve wasted two dollars (but still have minty breath!).

Save the Date:
Monday, Dec. 12th, 
-Final Day of Classes
Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 
-Reading Day (yay!)

Stories for snow:
The Snow Child: A Novel, Eowyn Ivey
Winter: Five Windows on the Season, Adam Gopnik
The Winter’s Tale,William Shakespeare, who created the world’s most perfect stage direction:
[Exit, pursued by a bear.]

#FalveyPeek at the Week provided by Hunter Vay Houtzer, a graduate assistant on the Communications and Marketing Team at the Falvey Memorial Library. She is working toward an MA in Communication at Villanova University, and on increasing her accuracy in medical self-diagnoses based solely on internet knowledge. Send your thoughts/suggestions to Hunter at #falveypeek. See you next Monday for more!

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