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eBook available: Motor Matt’s Mandarin

Motor Matt's MandarinThe thirtieth issue of the Motor Stories series is now available on Project Gutenberg, thanks to images from our Digital Library and the efforts of Distributed Proofreaders volunteers. In Motor Matt’s Mandarin; or, Turning a Trick for Tsan-Ti, a new story arc begins in which Motor Matt and his cowboy friend Joe McGlory work to recover a huge ruby stolen from a Chinese temple. Perhaps needless to say, the adventure includes some less than flattering language and stereotypes, though by dime novel standards, the portrayals could easily have been even more offensive to modern sensibilities.

As usual, the volume includes some filler material following the main story. This includes a tale of piracy near Cuba and brief anecdotes about two completely unrelated topics: Philippine customs and deer jumping from cliffs.

The entire book may be read online or downloaded through Project Gutenberg.



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