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Peek at the Week: Oct. 3-7

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Quote of the Week

“The first and great commandment is: Don’t let them scare you” –Elmer Davis
(I’m referencing midterms—but the thought applies to barking dogs, mean people, unpronounceable foods, and most other things in the world).

If he can be brave, so can you. (Photo from

This guy would try escargot (Photo from

This Week at the Library:

Friday, October 7th:
-InCopy Training, Room 207, 9:30-1:30 p.m.

Sunday, October 9
-Carr Dinner & Reception with Fr. Peter Donohue, Dugan Polk Family Reading Room


For those of you who meant (I mean, really meant) to start studying for midterms but instead got caught in a loop of Instagram stalking so vast and deep that you are now familiar with what your second grade boyfriend has been up to since he moved to Canada in 2009—there are apps for us. (A vice for a vice!)
Apps like Offtime, Appdetox, Moment, and Pocketpoints force you—for a little bit—to use your phone solely as a calling/texting device. Then, at times you designate, you may go back to hashtagging until your thumbs are tired.


An alternative way to stay off your phone (Photo from

Save the Date

Tuesday, October 4th,
-Vice Presidential Debate Watch Party, Cyber Lounge

Friday, October 8th,
(But classes resume on October 17th so don’t get too wild)

Tuesday, October 11th,
-Pennsylvania voter registration ends

It’s debate season,
as you’ve been made aware by your grandfather, Saturday Night Live, and all your poly sci friends.
To keep up with Villanova’s political scene, here are the university’s two political groups on twitter:
Villanova Law Democrats
Villanova Law Republicans
They both live tweet the presidential debates—so make sure you follow before Sunday, October 9th to round out the (at times, frustrating) debate watching process with your online companions.

(You can also follow Falvey Library who will not be live tweeting the debates, but you’d be on twitter anyhow and we’re a motley crew.)


The essence of twitter during all widely watched political events (Photo from

Books for Good Study Habits:

Because my time management problems run deeper than simply staring at my phone and maybe yours do too:

What the Best College Students Do, Ken Bain

How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading, Mortimer Jerome Adler

Make it Stick: the Science of Successful Learning, Peter C. Brown, which explains:
“Pitting the learning of basic knowledge against the development of creative thinking is a false choice. Both need to be cultivated. The stronger one’s knowledge about the subject at hand, the more nuanced one’s creativity can be in addressing a new problem. Just as knowledge amounts to little without the exercise of ingenuity and imagination, creativity absent a sturdy foundation of knowledge builds a shaky house.”

#FalveyPeek at the Week provided by Hunter Vay Houtzer, a graduate assistant on the Communications and Marketing Team at the Falvey Memorial Library. She is working toward an MA in Communication at Villanova University, and also on socializing her new, perfect (purrfect?) kitten. Send your thoughts/suggestions to Hunter at #falveypeek. See you next Monday for more!

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