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Introducing Janice Bially Mattern – Falvey’s New Social Sciences and Data Services Liaison Librarian

  • Posted by: Alice Bampton
  • Posted Date: August 31, 2016
  • Filed Under: Library News

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Janice Bially Mattern, Falvey’s Social Sciences and Data Services librarian, recently joined the Library. Reporting to Jutta Seibert, coordinator for Academic Integration, Bially Mattern plans, manages and delivers instruction and reference information, selects resources and provides outreach in her fields. She will also be leading the development and provision of data services .

Before coming to Villanova, she held faculty positions in Political Science/International Relations at various institutions. From 2010 – 2015 she was a professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Political Science, in the Republic of Singapore, where the official language is English. Earlier (2003-2010), she was a professor at Lehigh University, Department of International Relations, Bethlehem, Pa; and before that (2000-2003) she taught at  Temple University’s Department of Political Science, Philadelphia, from 2000-2003.

Bially Mattern received her PhD in Political Science from Yale University, a Master of Philosophy degree in Political Science (specializing in International Relations, Political Theory and Political Economy) and a Master of Arts in Political Science, both from Yale. She earned her BA degree in Political Science and International Relations from University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is currently pursuing a Master of Information degree at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Brunswick.

Why did someone with extensive research and teaching experience decide to become a librarian, I asked. Bially Mattern answered, “The unbridled truth is that I needed a new challenge. I was increasingly attracted to librarianship, which has always interested me. Now that data services are becoming part of librarianship, I see an opportunity for librarians to help make social science research data more transparent and accessible. So when my family and I moved back to the U.S., I just found myself more drawn to this career change than to getting another academic job.”

Currently a resident of Macungie, Pa., Bially Mattern lived for her early years in Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands, where her father was a civilian defense contractor working for the United States government. From the Marshall Islands, her family moved to Sudbury, Mass.

She enjoys travel, being outdoors and “catching up on American TV shows that I missed while living in Singapore.” She is also interested in learning new things such as her current pursuit of a degree at Rutgers School of Communication and Information.

Her office is in Falvey Hall, Room 232, 610-519.5391. Email:




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