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The Curious ‘Cat: Coping with 90+ temperatures?

  • Posted by: Kallie Stahl
  • Posted Date: July 27, 2016
  • Filed Under: Library News

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This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students, “How are you coping with the 90+ temperatures we are having?

DSC_1051 resizeDarrell L. Robinson — “ Defiantly staying inside and reading some books to pass the time.”




DSC_1062 resizeTao Dai – “I’m a PhD student and, like other students, I stay on campus during summer days for experiments.”




DSC_1060 resizeNaga Lakshmi Priyanka Avirineni “I’m a grad student of computing science, so since I’m working in the Library, that is one way of getting rid of the hot sun. It’s cold in the Library. I usually hang out indoors when I’m on campus.”



DSC_1065 resizeEmma Poley – “Well, we finally opened our family pool after about two years. I’ve also been keeping hydrated and chillin’ in the nice cold Library.”




DSC_1041 resize 2William Hix – “Most of the buildings are over air conditioned. I come in drenched in sweat and cool off.”




DSC_1045 resize 2Andrew Zetts – “Two window units!”






Kallie Stahl is a graduate assistant for the Communication and Service Promotion team.

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