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The Curious ‘Cat: What could the Library do to celebrate Villanova’s academic champions?

  • Posted by: Gerald Dierkes
  • Posted Date: April 11, 2016
  • Filed Under: Library News

Curious 'Cat - image

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students, “What could the Library do to celebrate Villanova’s academic champions?

RS11795_DSC_0313-scrAshley Scanlan—“Have a celebratory event for students who have made the dean’s list.”











Gavin Fidanza—“There could be pictures of the players around. I don’t see posters of the guys in normal life; all you see are them playing basketball. So maybe more pictures and posters of them doing student stuff.”








Nicole Feeley—“Hold an event in the Library that has different food options and games and things people can interact with … in the Library. So hosting an event; that’s what I would say.”








Neil Patel—“Maybe put things up, more visuals. Like that wall [above the new-book display] is a little empty. Put visuals of people there and little blurbs about them … ’cause there’s space and that wall’s kind of empty. Utilize that: put up pictures and blurbs … so if you’re sitting here studying and look up and ‘Oh, I notice that’ and you read it. Something small but it catches your eye.”




Julia Vanzelli—“You could put together a report showcasing the students who get outstanding scholarships or achievements in academia; for example, students who earned Fulbright scholarships. [You could also] have an award for the athletes with the highest GPA.”





Kyungmin Do —“First of all, I really like the non-closing area of the Library, which helps me to study more when I have tests or essays. I’m also writing a research paper and I use Falvey’s search program, which is really convenient to use.”



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