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The Curious ‘Cat: “How will you spend your Easter holiday weekend?”

  • Posted by: Gerald Dierkes
  • Posted Date: March 23, 2016
  • Filed Under: Library News

Curious 'Cat - image

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students,How will you spend your Easter holiday weekend?

RS11713_DSC_0177-scrGabrielle Watson—“I’m going to New York City with my family. … We’re just going to hang out, see the sights, hopefully watch some Villanova basketball Thursday night. That’s my biggest concern. I was like, ‘Dad, where are we going to watch the game?’ He said, ‘We’ll figure it out.’ I said, ‘Listen, Dad, we have to have a plan. I want to know that we’ll be going somewhere.’ He said he’d take care of it, so hopefully—fingers crossed. It should be really fun; I’m excited.”



Kathleen Treganowan—“with my family, back home in New York. It’s nothing interesting; we’ll go to Mass and eat together.”










Rebecca Hasbun—“I live in El Salvador, so it’s very far. A lot of my friends are also Hispanic, so we’re all staying [in Villanova and] going to the Spanish Mass in the Cathedral. And then we’re planning on doing a barbeque—sort of a friends’ Easter party. ”







Jose Silva—“I’m going back home to Miami. I might go to the beach; I’m not sure. … Yeah, it sounds very warm. I’m looking forward to that.”









Ian J. Gates—“I’m going to go to where I used to live with my wife, down in Virginia. She and I are going to see old friends and go to our old church and walk on the seashore. And I’m going to get a lot of studying done in the meantime. ”








Andrew Ahr—“I’m going to New York City with my family. I’ll be taking the train up and then we’re just going to be there for the weekend. … I’m excited for it, never been there.”



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