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The Curious ‘Cat: When the weather’s this nice …

  • Posted by: Gerald Dierkes
  • Posted Date: March 9, 2016
  • Filed Under: Library News

Curious 'Cat - image

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students, “When the weather’s this nice, how do you get your studying done?

Savannah Zinser—“I study outside.”

RS11402_DSC_0814-scrErin Keaveny—“I just read outside and spend as much time outside as I can ‘cause the weather’s really nice and I like to be outside. But I want to get things done, too. I like it better reading outside when it’s really nice out because it’s a relaxing environment, and I can get my work done.”







Andrew Saba—“I’m on my way to one of the benches near the Connelly Center. I was going to do the usual: lock myself up in Falvey Hall, the 24-hour Reading Room. But now the weather’s so nice; I’m going out to a bench and get some of the work done outside. It’s a much better environment.”






Matt Cackovic—“Actually, I have a lot of work, so I’m going into the Library to focus. The weather would be a distraction. So I’m going into the Library, find one of those cubicles and I’m just trying to write my paper, so—nothin’ different. ”







Amanda Mahan—“I lock myself in a room, usually. Otherwise stuff just doesn’t get done. Usually it’s a nighttime thing; I would never do work during the day today unless I really had to. But I’m also a second-semester senior, so it’s like “we just want to hang out.” I planned my schedule to be not so bad this semester anyway. So now I don’t have as much work to do—just enjoying the weather!”




Tope Abu—“I like to do it outside, honestly, somewhere nice—like those tables with umbrellas in front of Dougherty Hall.”



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