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The Curious ‘Cat: Keep it? Change it? What would you say?

  • Posted by: Gerald Dierkes
  • Posted Date: March 2, 2016
  • Filed Under: Library News

Curious 'Cat - image

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students, “If you could change one thing about the Library, what would it be? What about the Library do you hope never changes?

RS11386_DSC_0816-scrAlexandra Hostler—“Sometimes, when people need to study, it’s often too loud. But I like the study rooms; that’s one thing I wouldn’t change. And I also wouldn’t change the resources and helpfulness in the Library.”








Francisco Larrain—“I would add different spaces in this [area of the Library that is] only one space. I would like to see if you could modify some spaces to provide more alternatives. I’m working here, for example, but there’s too much distraction because many students are working here; I can hear somebody who is laughing on the other side of the room. This is what I would like to change.

And what I don’t want to change are the displays when you want to share with the community what is happening. For example, now it’s the [the Easter Rising event in Ireland’s fight for independence]

Two or three weeks ago you celebrated Gregor Mendel.

I like to see the different [exhibits the Library provides].”

Sarah Johnson—“The first-floor does get loud sometimes … that’s something I would change. I think having the [first-floor study] lounge 24 hours is something that I would never change. I will be utilizing that all this week. Access to some part of the Library 24 hours [per day]; I wouldn’t change that.”

Chelse Martin—“I would have more computers in the silent areas. Sometimes when we’re working down here in this computer area … it gets kind of rowdy at certain times of the day. Something I wouldn’t change, though, are the silent areas upstairs or having the coffee accessible.”

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