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Katholischer Katechismus

Posted for: Darren Poley, Theology / Outreach Librarian

A digital donation from our newest partner, The German Society of Pennsylvania

Katholischer Katechismus (1860)

Katholischer Katechismus (1860)

In all Catholic dioceses of the United States, January 5th is a day to commemorate Saint John Neumann. Interestingly he was a German immigrant to the U.S., bishop of Philadelphia, and an especially important figure in American Catholic history. In the Fall of 2015 The German Society of Pennsylvania founded in 1764, the oldest organization in the United States dedicated to fostering understanding about German and German-American contributions to U.S. history and culture, became a digital partner with Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library. Among the items loaned by GSP’s library to Falvey for digital preservation was a German edition of the Catholic Catechism which St. John Neumann wrote. Extant copies published before the American Civil War of this text used for religious education within the German Catholic community are relatively rare.




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