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Yo-Da Winner!

  • Posted by: Laura Matthews
  • Posted Date: January 26, 2016
  • Filed Under: Library News


The end of the fall semester went out with a force a la Star Wars. On Thursday, December 10, the Library hosted a Star Wars themed open house and study break event, complete with a plethora of Star Wars paraphernalia. There were Philly soft pretzels, hot chocolate, coffee and tea. There were games a plenty, including “Super Smash Brothers” on WiiU,  “Star Wars Dormtrooper,” “Yoda Ball Toss,” Star Wars coloring books and a giant Star Wars floor puzzle. “Star Wars Dormtrooper” and “Yoda Ball Toss” were Falvey-original games, the latter of which involved tossing a—you guessed it—Yoda ball into buckets with subject librarian portraits on the front of the buckets. “Star Wars Dormtrooper” focused on document delivery. Did you know you could have documents delivered to your dorm?! Yeah, I didn’t either. Read about it here! All you have to do is contact the Library and documents can be digitized and sent directly to you. How great is that?! Dormtrooper to the rescue!

Students who played the select “Star Wars Dormtrooper” and “Yoda Ball Toss” games could choose to enter a raffle to win an AMC gift card and swag bag. The lucky winner of the swag bag and AMC gift card was Michael Franz, a graduate student in the Department of Theatre.


Hope you all had a fantastic winter break, ‘Cats. Keep using the #FalveyForce throughout the spring semester!

Rey and BB-8 gif via giphy, sourced from the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

Article by Laura Matthews, Library Events and Outreach Specialist. 



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