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The Highlighter—FAQ: Why is it so warm/chilly in the Library?


Falvey Memorial Library does not have its own climate control system; it gets its heat and air conditioning from neighboring buildings, such as Mendel Hall. Changing the temperature, therefore, requires the library’s contact person to notify the Facilities Management Office (the FMO will only accept messages from Falvey’s contact person). The FMO will then adjust the heat/air conditioning flowing among the buildings. Such changes do not take effect for at least 24 hours.
hot and cold
Also, if the outdoor temperature becomes unseasonably warm or cool, that too can magnify the temperature inside the Library.

Library staff are well-aware of temperature variations in the Library and appreciate your patience as we work to provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to study, collaborate, research or relax.



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Last Modified: November 10, 2015

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