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The Curious ‘Cat: “What’s the best thing … ?”

Curious Cat

This week is fall break, so the Curious ‘Cat is asking Falvey Memorial Library staff, “What’s the best thing about working at the Library?

RS10574_DSC_3985-scrJackie Smith—“The best thing about working at the Library is the people, the other employees. I’ve met some terrific people here, and I enjoy working with them. I also appreciate the ability to flex my schedule, if necessary. And I like having the half days on Fridays during the summer.”






Gina Duffy
—“That’s easy: the people that work here. The people that work here are fabulous—always friendly, always helpful. I think that’s number one.”









Laura Matthews
—“I enjoy being surrounded by books—so much knowledge, opportunity to learn. And I enjoy the young liveliness of the students, lots of new faces every day. I also enjoy the people who work here. It’s an interesting mix of different personalities, and that makes it enjoyable.”




Laura Hutelmyer
—“Am I the first one you’re asking? Have other people said “the people”? For me, it’s the people I work with. Another thing I really like is that I have access to so many resources—because I’m an employee and because I work here in a library with so many databases, books, journals and things like that. I love having access to all those resources. I also love being on such a beautiful campus. It’s really a treat to be able to leave and go outside and just spend a little bit of time outside in the middle of the day. Those are three things I really like about working here.”

RS10586_DSC_3997-scrWard Barnes—“I’d say working with young people. For me that’s crucial. I was a teacher for many years, and I have loved working with young people. When I retired I was miserable because I was never around young people. So when I got the job here, that was wonderful. And it’s been wonderful ever since.”





Tricia Kemp—“The best thing is the students, both the students who come to the desk and the ones we work with. They’re just a lot of fun—keep us on our toes. Among the student employees, I have not met one who I did not enjoy working with and getting to know. They are going through a very Interesting time in their lives: they’re making a lot of decisions; there’s a lot of things they’re going through. They are the best, the best thing about working here. ”



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