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eBook available: How to Do Chemical Tricks

How to Do Chemical TricksAnother book in our collection has been given the Project Gutenberg / Distributed Proofreaders eBook treatment this week. How to Do Chemical Tricks is, as the title suggests, a collection of science experiments (not strictly limited to chemistry) from Frank Tousey‘s Ten Cent Hand Book series.

Like many other books in the series, this seems to have been cobbled together from multiple sources, as it seems a bit disorganized and sometimes repeats itself. In spite of its flaws, though, it is an interesting read, and some of the experiments might still be fun to perform today (if you can figure out how to modernize the archaic terminology). However, the book is obviously a product of a different time, as it encourages its young audience to do things that today’s parents would probably not approve of, including inhaling nitrous oxide, asphyxiating mice, and (of course) creating a variety of fires and explosions.

As always, the entire book can be read online or downloaded through Project Gutenberg, but remember — don’t try some of these things at home!



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