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The Curious ‘Cat: Have you made any new-school-year resolutions?

Curious Cat

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students, “Have you made any new-school-year resolutions?

RS9858_DSC_3756-scrChelsea Runkle—“to get back in the swing of things since I haven’t been to school in a couple of years. I’m just starting grad school today … and working full time—so making time for class.”







Alexander Fernandez
—“to not procrastinate and stay on top of all my work this year”











Christian Powers—“I’m a transfer student, so trying to get involved with the community here and find out what Villanova has to offer.”









Aleczandra Bryant
—“Well, I’m a first-year student, so just trying to get through freshman year, trying to keep my grades up, join new activities.”








Jowayria Rahal—“Not to allow myself get overwhelmed by school work, get it done on time and not procrastinate on it. That would be amazing if I could just shut my Facebook for a minute and get down to work and get it done. This is my one and only resolution this year.”






Daniel Doris— “I’m trying to pull my GPA up, so just a general rule of staying on campus until 5:00 whether my classes are done at noon or not. So I’m coming in for my 8:30s and treating it like a job and then coming home only after I’ve spent time in the Library to do some work. … I get here when I can, and then I leave when I’m done.”



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Last Modified: August 26, 2015

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