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Does Falvey Memorial Library have the textbook for my course?


Q—Does Falvey Memorial Library have the textbook for my course?

A—The Library usually does not buy textbooks for current courses.*

Reason #1—Expense: new editions are often published in a year or so, rendering the textbook we would have purchased obsolete.

Reason #2—Competition: The Library doesn’t want to be in competition with the campus bookstore.

Reason #3—Fairness: Someone could borrow the Library’s copy of a textbook and keep it for semester, preventing everyone else from accessing the textbook.

Please use this strategy: Search our catalog—If the textbook you need is not in Falvey’s catalog, you may be able to borrow one from another library using the E-ZBorrow system.

(hint: Your “Patron ID” to log onto E-ZBorrow is your 16-digit Wildcard number)

E-ZBorrow-member libraries may sometimes be willing to lend a textbook, but InterLibrary Loan libraries will not.

* Library staff, however, have begun to explore ways that Falvey can better meet our students’ need for textbooks. Keep checking this blog for updates.



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Last Modified: August 18, 2015

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