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Mood Board: Falvey Scholar Jessica Swoboda

This week, we are featuring the 2015 Falvey Scholars and giving you the chance to get to know these bright young adults up close and personal. Not only are they very smart – they’re very interesting! Just last week, Falvey Memorial Library, the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and the Honors Program announced the 2015 Falvey Scholars Award winners: Katie Kline, Elizabeth Long, Jessica Swoboda, Nicholas Ader, Joseph Schaadt and John Szot. These six remarkable senior students have been selected from a pool of candidates from various disciplines for their outstanding undergraduate student research projects at Villanova University. Click here for a listing of their projects as presented at the 2015 Falvey Scholars Awards Presentation and Reception Ceremony.


Featuring Jessica Swodoba

“I’m an English and Humanities major with a love for all things literature, chocolate, JCrew, and Kate Middleton. I’m often found in the stadium playing for Villanova’s field hockey team, in the Writing Center, or in my favorite place on campus, the Humanities Commons, in my ‘reserved’ seat on the comfy couch, eating too many peanut butter pretzels and sharing in conviviality with my best friends, Marie, and my beloved professors. Next year, you can find me at Boston College, where I’ll pursue my MA in English and continue my research in religion and literature and 20th century British literature.”

Project Title: “Woolf and Waugh: Blurring the Distinction Between the Religious and the Secular”

I am inspired by my professors and friends who are pursuing The Good Life.

If I could be any person for a day, I’d be Kate Middleton.

My favorite Villanova memory is my first day of ACS: Moderns with Dr. Helena Tomko. I immediately knew my Villanova experience had been changed for the better, and 4 years later, this couldn’t be any more true.

While working on my research project, I was challenged by the need to accept that things wouldn’t always be perfect or go perfectly.

Today I’m feeling the color purple.

I’m listening to the Folk Pop playlist on Spotify.

One Summer Adventure I’m daydreaming about is running for enjoyment and not to prepare for pre-season conditioning tests.

Happiness is finding joy and excitement in what you’re doing and in the relationships you’ve formed.

Everyone should know at least one text — whether it’s a novel, a theological or philosophical piece, etc. — like the back of your hand.

I am amazed by all we can learn about the Human Person, Society, God, and the World in literature.

Thanks, Jessica!



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