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The Curious ‘Cat: When the weather’s this nice, how do you get your studying done?

Curious Cat

This week, the Curious ‘Cat asks Villanova students, “When the weather’s this nice, how do you get your studying done?

RS8790_DSC_3074-scrJulia Rose Clarke —“I like to do it outside, like on the bench here … I was outside of Café Nova yesterday because it was really nice. … I would just do readings outside. If I had to write an essay I might do that inside, but readings I can get done outside.”





RS8794_DSC_3078-scrJane Richter—“Oh, it’s really difficult. I try to do my more difficult things inside and focus on doing all my readings outside so I can actually focus. It’s more free thinking that I like to do outside whereas structured thinking I’ll make myself go inside.”





Julian ChavezJulian Chavez—‘I think it’s important to first see what the weather has to offer and enjoy it, indulge in it for a while. … I find it most effective, before your day even starts, to write down some of the things you need to get done and to put a realistic time for anything … even though lunch may go an extra hour than you expected, at least you know you can go back to the list you created in the morning  … “I need to get this done sooner rather than later” I think, planning your day before it’s even a nice day is a good start.’

TrainerThomas Trainer—“not very well … I’m on the track team, so I do get to be outside everyday … not that I wouldn’t want to be outside anyway. This weekend was especially difficult … I took a few quick study breaks … with friends. … It’s been tough especially since I’m working on senior thesis, so it’s nose to the grindstone. I just have to force myself to make a goal for each day.”



161-1113tm-vector2-2991Yi Zhou—“There are works that you have to get done.  Once I’m done with the work, then I can do whatever I want. Before that, I need to study.”











RS8801_DSC_3085-scrRachel Malloy—“I tend to take a break and go outside for a little bit and then come back inside. I alternate so that I get a taste of the nice weather but also get something done ‘cause I can’t actually do work when I’m outside.”



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