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Nomnomnomatology: Sweet (Savory) Sixteen

March Madness is marching by and it won’t be long now until our chompians are determined. Sweet Sixteen is upon us! As you’ll see, however, these matchups are a little more savory than sweet. But don’t be salty—Reese’s Cups, Dark Chocolate, Ben and Jerry’s, and Brownies aren’t out of the game yet!

French Fries vs. Buffalo Chicken Dip
French Fries are storming the court this season. It’s uncertain if anything can slow their roll. Buffalo Chicken Dip, while a most perfect food, just doesn’t have the universal fan base of Fries. Those who love buffalo sauce love it passionately, but French Fries have the chance to go all the way. I give this round to Fries.

Popcorn vs. Chips and Dip
Chips and Dip made a surprising one point win over Chips and Salsa last week, but that doesn’t mean they’re coming into this round underpowered. Still, Popcorn and all of its happy movie theater memories are a force to be reckoned with. Chips and Dip has the allure of mystery that might work in its favor—what kind of chips? What kind of dip? Still, Popcorn is the cinema and party food darling. Popcorn for the win.

Mac and Cheese vs. Mashed Potatoes
Comfort, comfort, comfort. These players are matched in their strengths as home cooked happiness. I’m sure it’ll be an extremely close vote. I’m almost hesitant to make a prediction; frankly, the match can go either way. Both have shown up for the past two weeks and have shown up big. With an eye to the cheese lovers, I’ll give the match to Mac, but won’t be surprised to be proven wrong.

Sushi vs. Dark Chocolate
This choice is ridiculous levels of hard. Dark cocoa goodness melts in your mouth, rich and warm, like a nice-smelling hug … on your tongue. Sushi, especially if we’re talking the sushi from Sushi Land on Lancaster Avenue (I’m obsessed), is masterful. The two aren’t even remotely similar in strengths, which should make it a wild round. Again, while I wouldn’t be surprised to be proven wrong, I want to wager for Dark Chocolate and only, only because of the sizable portion of the population that despises raw fish. (I’m sorry, sushi – we can still be friends!)

Is your stomach rumbling yet? Be sure to vote for week 3 online or at the circulation desk in Falvey. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more #nomnomnomatology action.

Also, check out the Wildcats this Thursday at home court or on the Big East Digital Network as the women’s basketball team takes on St. John’s at 7:00!

Images accessed through Wikimedia Commons, via Jules Clancy, D Sharon Pruitt, and free use. 



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