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More Historical American Newspapers: Series 6-10 on trial until February 13, 2015

  • Posted by: Jutta Seibert
  • Posted Date: January 16, 2015
  • Filed Under: Library News


America’s Historical Newspapers (AHN) has been an important part of the library’s historical newspaper collection since 2007 together with the digital archives of The New York Times, The London Times and the recently added Washington Post. The library currently owns series 1-5 (1690-1922) of AHN. Readex, the publisher of AHN, continues to add new content to the collection and Villanova faculty and students currently have the opportunity to assess the expanded archives available in series 6-10 (1730-1922).

The expanded archives increase geographical coverage and include new titles and additional content for titles already contained in series 1-5. Series 7, for example, includes over thirty additional years of the Philadelphia Inquirer (1829-1860, 8,777 issues). Trial content is interfiled with content already owned by Villanova University, which makes it difficult to assess the additional content. Detailed information about the content of each series is available online and warrants closer inspection.

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/1/1900

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/1/1900

Trial access to AHN series 6-10 will be available until February 13. Questions or comments? Contact me directly ( or post your comments online.









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