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Meet the Proxy Link Builder: Create Your Own Links to the Library’s E-Resources

  • Posted by: Jutta Seibert
  • Posted Date: January 14, 2015
  • Filed Under: Library News

Access to the library’s e-resources is easy on campus as authentication occurs via the university’s IP address. Students and faculty who try to access the same e-resources from off-campus often encounter problems. Falvey Memorial Library uses a proxy server for off-campus access to restricted online resources. This prevents unauthorized users from entering the library’s databases and e-journals and illegally downloading content.

The library has a new web application, the Proxy Link Builder, which creates proxy links for stable URLs and DOIs (digital object identifiers) in two simple steps: Paste the URL or DOI in the provided box and click on the button below the box. The proxy link will appear in a matter of seconds. Proxy links are necessary for off-campus access as they authenticate authorized users. Although not necessary, proxy links will also work on-campus.

link builder

The directions below show how to locate stable URLs and permalinks and turn them into proxy links for individual journal articles and book chapters. Some databases already include proxy links. The publishers may call them stable URLs and permalinks. If the URL includes Villanova’s proxy prefix —  –, then the link should work from off-campus. Proquest and EBSCO provide proxy links. EBSCO includes Permalinks on its right hand menu on the record level whereas Proquest includes the Document URL at the bottom of each record, where it is often missed. Journal publishers generally do not include proxy links.

From URL to Proxy Link

A proxy link has two elements which together create a new URL: the proxy prefix and the URL. Find the URL on the journal website:

JSTOR urlThen paste it behind the proxy prefix OR paste it into the Proxy Link Builder to generate a proxy link.

proxy1Put these two elements together and you have a stable proxy link:

From DOI to Proxy Link

A proxy DOI link has three elements which together create a new URL: the proxy prefix, the DOI prefix and the DOI. Find the DOI on the journal, chapter, or ebook record:

doi linkThen paste it behind the proxy prefix and the DOI prefix OR use the Proxy Link Builder to generate a proxy link.

proxy2Put these three elements together and you have a stable proxy link: Note that some publishers already include the DOI prefix together with the DOI. In this case, only the proxy prefix is needed.

Bookmarking the Proxy Link Builder makes it easy to share URLs with Villanova students and colleagues. Please note that proxy links will only work for Villanova faculty and students who can log in via the single sign-on screen. Let us know, if you run into problems as we can make links for you as needed.

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