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Distractions From Finals

As finals come into full swing, the Library can provide you with many places to study but also many opportunities to procrastinate. Take a break from that mountain of schoolwork. Sure you should be studying right now, but let’s not kid ourselves; this is what really happens when you open the textbook:


Here are some more productive ways to put off studying for finals as long as possible. Enjoy your break:

Movies/TV Shows

Falvey has a vast array of movies and TV shows that are free to check out, from new hits such as Gravity to classics like Casablanca. Rewatching the entire series of The Wire seems like a perfect excuse to stop studying. I am sure your professor will award you extra points when you explain the importance of the Battle of Gettysburg by comparing it to policing strategies in Baltimore.



Discover your family tree

Be honest: what sounds more interesting, studying for economics or finding out your ancestors were Vikings? Lucky for you the Library subscribes to, which encompasses a vast collection of genealogical data which traces the history of millions of individuals going in some cases as far back as 1300.”




Learn a new language

What if your history professor throws a curveball and writes the final in Italian? Good thing Falvey has an enormous amount of resources dedicated to help you learn foreign languages. Among the languages with guides are Spanish, Italian, French and German. Worst case scenario you can order that hard-to-pronounce pasta dish from Bertucci’s like a champ.



Audio Books

Around finals time many students have the feeling of too much to do and not enough time. How does your professor reasonably believe all this work can be completed unless you forgo exercise, eating and sleeping? Enter Falvey and its collection of over 2000 audio books. Having trouble finding the time to finish Pride and Prejudice? Just pick up the audio book from the Library and you will be multitasking your way to an “A” in no time.



However you study for finals, just remember to stay calm and collected. You made it to the last week of the semester, your sanity and your lack of sleep will eventually recover. Good luck and have a great break!




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Last Modified: December 16, 2014

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