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Christine Tergis: Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards contestant

Christine Tergis poem photoTo honor the University’s Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards, the Library is publishing contestants’ poems or prose excerpts on Falvey’s blog. The Library also has created posters for the contestants’ entries, which will be displayed throughout the library’s first floor.

“Prometheus, the Poet”
Christine Tergis

With stolen lines and tawny colored pen,
His brutish strength defied all ordered form.
He brought the words that flicker to all men,
To them, he shows a fire that can deform.
Now chained to rock it seems his power expir’d
His clay creations bleed into a stain.
I know free flame was all he had desired,
Yet meter claws and forces the refrain.
How did his yearning bring him such a fate,
Can iron fetters stop his hands from molding?
While all the while he fights against the strait
Inside a burning song is nearly smold’ring…
But once released, he could not seem to thank
The freeing verse that felt so very blank.

Christine Tergis, a Class of 2014 Creative Writing Awards contestant, says “Poetry (to me) means that I am not weird for wanting to look at the world while standing on my head, alternately blinking both eyes and yelling into an empty cave. As a Shakespearean sonnet, ‘Prometheus, the Poet’ explores the tension between form/content as restricting/enabling creative expression.”

Christine Tergis is an English major and Spanish minor from Yonkers, New York. She enjoys yoga, cooking yumtastic food, speaking in accents and spontaneously erupting into interpretive dance (with or without music).


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