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Jeff Stevens, Falvey's Latest Student Employee of the Month

Jeff StevensJeffrey (Jeff) Stevens, a junior from Cheshire, Conn., is Falvey’s new student employee of the month for February. Jeff works as a shelver and circulation-desk assistant, reporting to Barbara Haas, a library stacks management assistant, while shelving, and to Luisa Cywinski, Access Services team leader, while on the desk. Haas says, “He’s a wonderful student worker – very efficient, pleasant and a good time-manager. If I give Jeff a job to do, I know it will be done well and in a timely fashion.”

Jeff has worked at Falvey since the beginning of his freshman year. He says, “I have really enjoyed my time working at Falvey, especially working in the stacks. Not only do I have the instant gratification of finishing a bunch of small tasks, but also it is relaxing. I have taken a liking to listening to audio-books or catching up on news, via podcast, while shelving.” He has also been a Villanova resident assistant.

Jeff is a member of the Villanova Singers and the Pastoral Musicians. He enjoys singing and golfing.

He has a major in accounting and finance and a minor in real estate and will graduate in May 2015. After graduation he plans to work in the accounting department of a relatively large firm. “I could easily go the big four public accounting route, but from what I’ve heard about the lifestyle I’d much prefer sticking to the private sector. I’m a big proponent of having a strong work/life balance,” Jeff says.

The University Staff Council (USC) of Falvey, led by Linda Hauck, business librarian, selects a student employee of the month based upon nominations from the department supervisors of student employees.

Article by Alice Bampton, digital image specialist and senior writer on the Communication and Service Promotion team.



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Last Modified: April 8, 2014

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