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C. Nataraj, PhD, on the Intersection of Medicine and Robotics

natarajThis Monday, March 10 at 1:30 p.m., award winning lecturer C. Nataraj, PhD, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Moritz, Sr., Endowed Chair Professor in Engineered Systems at Villanova University, will deliver a Scholarship@Villanova lecture. Dr. Nataraj’s expertise ranges from machinery to medicine to robotics, and his lecture is entitled “Dynamic Systems: The Science of Machinery, Robots, Medical Diagnostics, and Autonomy.” The lecture will be held in room 204 of the Falvey Memorial Library Learning Commons, and in the tradition of past Scholarship@Villanova events, will be free and open to the public.

To help us learn more about this fascinating scholar and his areas of interest, we’ve invited Alfred Fry, Science/Engineering Liaison Librarian, to compile a list of Dig Deeper resources.

Dig Deeper

The topic of Dr. Nataraj’s lecture is very broad with applications in diverse areas such as engineering, science, economics, biology, and others. Dr. Nataraj will also discuss some interesting results from his research wanderings which will focus on the areas of machinery, robotics and medicine. In addition, the talk will highlight applications without getting into the mathematical intricacies in order to make it comprehensible to a broad audience.

Here is one example of a CENDAC (Center for Non-linear Dynamics and Control) project:

More videos and links:

Overview of The Center for Non-linear Dynamics and Control (CENDAC)

Villanova University CENDAC student profile

Villanova University CENDAC faculty profile

Additional Villanova University CENDAC projects

Villanova University Engineering CENDAC YouTube Channel

Falvey Memorial Library Engineering Subject Guide


Article by Corey A. Arnold, graduate assistant for Communication and Service Promotion.

UnknownLinks prepared by Alfred Fry, Science & Engineering Librarian

Our Dig Deeper series features links to Falvey Memorial Library resources curated and provided by a librarian specializing in the subject, to allow you to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of seasonal occasions and events held here at the Library. Don’t hesitate to ‘ask us!’ if you’d like to take the excavation even further. And visit our Events listings for more exciting upcoming speakers, lectures and workshops! 



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