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Anti-Valentine's Day Movies

This Valentine’s Day, take a break from the stereotypical love stories that we are bombarded with every year, films like Sleepless in Seattle and Pride and Prejudice, or the worst one of all, The Notebook. Now, nothing is inherently wrong with these movies aside from their cheesy and predictable plots and pushing the romance to nauseating heights. But I want to recommend films you may not have seen that deal with love or relationships in non-traditional ways. The following movies are sorted into categories depending on the type of film you want to watch.

“Every Relationship Does Not End Happily Ever After”

Blue Valentine”


If you are going to watch any Ryan Gosling movie for Valentine’s Day, it should be Blue Valentine. Released in 2010, this film stars Gosling and Michelle Williams as a young married couple. Filmed Godfather 2 style, this movie takes place in the past and in the present as we get a glimpse of the ebbs and flows of this relationship. This film touches on subjects such as marriage and true love in a very real and natural way.


The Descendants”

“Sci-Fi Mixed with Romance”

The Illusionist”

the illusionist

A Romeo and Juliet style story set with magicians is the best way I can describe this sci-fi love story. This star-studded cast includes Edward Norton, Jessica Biel and the always excellent Paul Giamatti. Norton plays a poor yet talented magician who yearns for a duchess (Biel). Giamatti plays the hard-nosed detective trying to discredit Norton’s magical prowess.


The Adjustment Bureau”

Shaun of the Dead”

Let Me In”

“A Rom-Com that Is Actually Funny”




Did you know Christopher Plummer became the oldest person to win an Academy Award for his performance in this film? Plummer plays a recent widower who discovers he has terminal cancer and also shares with his son (Ewan McGregor) that he is gay.


Vicky Christina Barcelona”

The Kids Are All Right”

“Just a Great Story”

An Education”

an education


Taking place in early 1960s London, a naïve teenage girl falls in love with a man twice her age. A true coming of age story, this film is a kind of retake on The Graduate. The film takes an awkward and somewhat taboo subject and displays it beautifully.




The Graduate”

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RaamaanArticle by Raamaan McBride, writer on the Communication and Service Promotion team and specialist on the Access Services Team.



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