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Meet Ruth Martin, Spring 2014 Digital Library Intern

Ruth Martin began working for the Digital Library as a volunteer intern over the 2013 summer semester and after volunteering throughout the fall 2013 semester, she continues her service this semester as one of the part-time staff Digital Library interns.

Ruth loves the idea of preserving old documents and making them accessible. She is looking forward to using the skills she learns during her internship to help local historical societies and churches preserve their history when they don’t have resources.

Ruth loves to rollerblade, but hasn’t found a good place to skate around here, so she’s taken up running instead. History is a hobby as well as profession. She is currently making her way through “The Railway Journey: The Industrialization of Space and Time” by Wolfgang Schivelbusch. She looks forward to reading fiction again some day, when she has a bit more time.

If she could travel anywhere, Ruth would like to go somewhere in the United States in the mid-19th-century because that was the point when a more traditional order began changing to a more modern order.



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