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Foto Friday – How Many Brick Pavers Does It Take to Complete a Landscaping Project?

I fear I’ll start to hear it in my dreams: hour upon hour, day after day, the penetrating whine of the circular saw interrupted by its metallic roar as it grinds through brick paver after brick paver after brick paver … sending great clouds of brick dust gliding across the landscape. It’s a wonder that passersby, not to mention the workers themselves, don’t get “maroon lung.”


The workers are models of persistence, setting approximately half a million brick pavers, individually. Occasionally a vehicle’s horn playfully toots “shave and a haircut”; a dump truck’s powerful bass horn answers “six bits.” This exchange appears to break the tedium and bolster morale.


In late September, my own morale was bolstered by significant evidence of progress. Fences that have restricted access to the Library for months had been moved, revealing a gently curving path from the library’s entrance to the grotto. Students instantly began using the walkway, getting a sense of Phase III’s completion.

According to Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Bob Morro, PE, “We are in the home stretch, and the pavers and major construction will all be complete by Oct. 25, just in time for Homecoming Weekend and the kickoff of the Capital Campaign.”

I wonder: who will set the final brick paver?

(see also “Two Months into Phase III—an Update”)

Article by Gerald Dierkes, information services specialist for the Information and Research Assistance team, senior copyeditor for the Communication and Service Promotion team, and a liaison to the Department of Theater.

Photographs by Luisa Cywinski, team leader of Access Services and editorial coordinator on the Communication and Service Promotion team.



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