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Now in proofreading: A Dreadful Temptation

columbusWe love Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller around here, so it’s always an exciting occasion when a new Mrs. Miller novel goes into proofreading. The latest project is A Dreadful Temptation; or, A Young Wife’s Ambition, a relatively short work that was published in the New York Family Story Paper immediately after Queenie’s Terrible Secret, running from December 26, 1881 to February 13, 1882. The edition we are working with comes from a hardcover reprint in the Columbus Series. This volume also contains the longer novel Wild Margaret by Geraldine Fleming; stay tuned for that one as a future project!

A Dreadful Temptation is now available at the Distributed Proofreaders project.  If you are interested in helping us create new eBook editions of these nearly-forgotten (yet surprisingly memorable) novels, you can read more about our proofreading effort and then visit the project page.



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Last Modified: September 7, 2013

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