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Content Roundup – Last Week – August 2013


As the new academic year starts, take a moment to reflect and read. Browse the many newly available historical papers from the Barry-Hayes digitization project, the vast host of newly donated (and digitized) Story Papers (44 this week!), and the few new odds and ends from the Dime Novel and Popular Culture collection.

Dime Novel and Popular Literature


The Girl Cowboy Captain; or, The Skinners of the Carolina Swamps.

Tinker’s Terrible Test. A Tale of Sexton Blake and his Young Assistant.

Young Broadbrim and the Black Hand; or, In League with a Murderer.

Lionel Franklin’s Victory / by E. Van Sommer.

The Boy Exiles of Siberia; or, The Watch-Dog of Russia / by T. C. Harbaugh.



New York Family Story Paper (44 issues)


Frank Leslie’s New York Journal of Romance, General Literature, Science and Art (4 issues added)

Independence Seaport Museum

Barry-Hayes Papers


Series XXIX Matilda B. Keen [1 item added]

Series XXX Mathias Keen [2 items added]

Series XXXI Reynold Keen [6 items added]

Series XXXII Sarah Keen [2 items added]

Series XXXIII William Jonas Keen [10 items added]




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