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eBook available: What’s Your Hurry?

The wrong kind of down mattress.

The wrong kind of down mattress.

Our third eBook from the S&S Humor Series has made its way through the proofreading process: What’s Your Hurry? by George Niblo.  If you have encountered the previous two entries, Atchoo! and Jiglets, you know what to expect — a transcribed Vaudeville routine consisting of a long succession of puns spiced with an uncomfortable sprinkling of prejudice.

It’s entirely possible that the world doesn’t need to be reminded of these three books, but given that Vaudeville was once a very significant part of the popular culture scene, it is interesting to get a taste of what that entertainment medium was like.

If you haven’t already had enough of Mr. Niblo, you can find this book at Project Gutenberg, where it may be read online or downloaded in a variety of popular electronic formats.



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Last Modified: August 23, 2013

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