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Incoming! … The Class of 2017

For the past 15 years Beloit College has published a “mindset list,” which identifies “the cultural touchstones” that have influenced the incoming class of first-year students. In addition to Beloit’s list, Falvey staff has gathered its own facts about students born in 1995:

The class-of-2017 students have never experienced a world without DVDs, digital cameras, Sony PlayStations or Pixar feature-length computer-animated films.

This year’s first-year students probably have never used a phone booth or cannot remember a time when they didn’t have a computer and Internet access in their homes.

Many millennials do not associate tapping on one’s wrist with indicating time, nor do they understand the phrase “Be Kind, Rewind.”

Most have never seen a physical library card catalog, microfilm or microfiche.

Although millennials may not know why the word “dial” is associated with phones (“dial tone,” for example), they have helped to rescue the @ sign from obsolescence.

Certainly you could add examples not included on this list. Tell us your ideas/observations about the class of 2017.

Gerald Dierkes is an information services specialist for the Information and Research Assistance team, senior copyeditor for the Communication and Publications team, and a liaison to the Department of Theater.


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  1. Comment by Alice Bampton — August 22, 2013 @ 4:40 PM

    Several years ago Father Peter said that our students had never shared a room while living at home, that sharing a residence hall room would be a new experience.

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