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Now in proofreading: The Twin Ventriloquists

The Twin VentriloquistsOur latest proofreading project is a dime novel from the Old Sleuth’s Own series: The Twin Ventriloquists; or, Nimble Ike and Jack the Juggler: A Tale of Strategy and Jugglery.

The dime novel era was rich with detectives, and this book gives a taste of what early popular mysteries were like.  It was common then, as now, for characters to recur in series of stories, and both Nimble Ike and Jack the Juggler have further adventures in other volumes.  Perhaps some of those tales will cross our path sooner or later!

If you want to help preserve this vintage book in electronic format, you can join in at the project page. To learn more about the proofreading process, see this earlier post.



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Last Modified: August 9, 2013

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