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Content Roundup – Fourth Week – July 2013

Wild West Weekly

This week marks the completion of two of our outstanding digitization efforts: the Father Middleton papers and the audio interviews with Edward LeBlanc from August 1982. As well, issues of newly digitized story papers and dime novels bring some reading relief to the ongoing July heat wave! And for your additional listening pleasure follow along as Lily finds herself in new quarters in this week’s episode of Mittie’s Storytime: The Bride of the Tomb!


American Catholic Historical Society


Father Thomas C. Middleton Papers [Complete: 64 letters added)

Dime Novel and Popular Literature



Beadle’s Half Dime Library (1 issue added, Delaware Dick, the Young Ranger Spy; or, Brother Against Brother

Brave and Bold (2 issue added):

Prisoners of War; or, Jack Dashaway’s Rise from the Ranks

Brave and Bold

The mysterious millionaire, or, The queerest job on record

Wild West Weekly : a magazine containing stories, sketches etc. of Western life (2 issues added, series started):

Young Wild West in Death Canyon; or, Arietta and the Mad Miner and other stories

Young Wild West’s Greaser Shake-Up; or, Arietta Standing the Test and other stories


Metropolitan Record

Metropolitan Record : A Catholic Family Paper (5 issues added, series started)

Bess the Tramp

The People’s Home Journal (3 issues added, series started)

Gleason's Pictorial

Gleason’s Pictorial (4 issues added, series started)

The New York Family Story Paper (2 issues added)


Edward T. LeBlanc, August 1982 (4 cassettes added, collection complete)

Spare Change Library Podcast

Mittieā€™s Storytime (1 episode)


Historical Society of Montgomery County

Ardmore Chronicle

Ardmore Chronicle (1 issue added)

Villanova Digital Collection

Graduate Theses

1951 [8 theses added]




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