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Content Roundup – First and Second Weeks – July 2013.


This week brings another episode of Mittie’s Storytime as we hear further revelations from the ongoing reading of Bride of the Tomb. As well, sit back and enjoy another 8 cassettes of audio interviews between Dime Novel scholars Eddie LeBlanc and Lydia Schurman. More Dime Novel reading fun continues with the Steam Men Bibliography – a work-in-progress to identify literary citations to early robots and steam men, women, and animals! A number of new Non-Fiction popular culture titles are also making their first digital appearance. Work, also commenced on the Father Thomas Middleton Papers, which we are proud to make available. Father Thomas was former President of Villanova College, and Librarian of the College, as well as the founder of the American Catholic Historical Society.

American Catholic Historical Society

Historic Papers

Fr. Middleton

Father Thomas C. Middleton Papers (31 letters added)

Dime Novel and Popular Literature


Diamond Dick, Jr. (1 issue added – Diamond Dick, Jr. rights a wrong; or, The trace of the turtle nugget)


La Guerre Infernale (2 issues added)


Wide Awake Library (10+ issues added)


John Regan Five Cent Pamphlets (9 issues)


How to Row, Sail, and Build a Boat.


How to Hunt and Fish.

How to box : the manly art of self-defence made simple and easy / arranged by a professional boxer.



Cheer Boys Cheer : the Boys’ Journal


Edward T. LeBlanc, August 1982 (8 cassettes added)


Steam Men Bibliography

Spare Change Library

Mittie’s Storytime (1 episode)

Independence Seaport Museum


Barry-Hayes (Work continues on Series 11 and completed Series 21-23)

Villanova Digital Collection

Graduate Theses

1949 (Complete: 16 theses added)

1950 (Complete: 38 theses added)

The War


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