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Content Roundup – Last Week – May 2013

This is an extended list of newly available materials that should provide the reader with many sleepless June nights spent in excited wonder contemplating the many new Dime Novels, Oral History interviews, Theses, and Story newspapers!

Dime Novel and Popular Literature


True blue : a weekly devoted to the stirring adventures of our boys in blue (1 issue)

Old Broadbrim (1 issue : Old Broadbrim Trumping the Trick; or, the Strange Disappearance From a Sleeping Car)

The Brookside Library (2 issues)

Malaeska : the Indian Wife of the White Hunter / by Mrs. Ann S. Stephens

Little Chief Library (1 issue)

Frank Manley’s Weekly : Good Stories of Young Athletes (1 issue)


Beadle’s Boys Library of Sport, Story, and Adventure (1 issue)

The Nickle Library (1 issue)

Jules Verbeeke : De oorlogsspion (9 issues)

The Cricket Library : Stories of World-wide Adventure for Boys (1 issue)

All-Sports Library (1 issue)

Sled rescue


How to make magic toys : containing full directions for making magic toys and devices of many kinds

Magic Toys


The New York Ledger: A Journal of Choice Literature, Romance, and Useful Information (4 issues)


Penny illustrated paper and illustrated times (4 issues)


Dodge’s Literary Museum (3 issues)

Frank Leslie’s New York Journal of Romance, General Literature, Science and Art (2 issues + index)

Street & Smith’s Literary Album (2 issues)

The New York Ledger (1 issue)

Gum Bear

Gleason’s Literary Companion (1 issue)

Franklin’s Miscellany (1 issue)

The Young Men of America (1 issue)

Golden Hours (1 issue)


Edward T. LeBlanc, August 1982 Oral History Audio Interviews (4 cassettes)

Villanova Digital Collection

Graduate Theses

1944 (Complete: 43 theses added)

1945 (Complete: 37 theses added)

1946 (Partial: 10 theses added)



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